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More Players Are Turning to Pay Per Head Bookmaking Service

These are all reasons that now, as a bookie, you should consider using a PPH bookmaking service for your operation. Personally, I do not think I could ever go back to using an “old-fashioned” bookie. There are just too many variables in order to find a good line and in how and when a person can bet. Why have hamburger when you can have steak, right?

A pay per head bookmaking service like allows a local bookie to change with the times and give the modern gambler everything they want and need in a bookie service. More importantly, it will make your life much easier. Let’s take a quick look at some of the more basic features PPH services offer and then you can decide where you think the player would rather place their wages.

24/7 Call Center – that’s right, around the clock phone services for players to place their wagers anytime they like. If they like the line on Wednesday, they can place the bet at the line they want, not be forced to wait until you open up the lines for betting at noon on Sunday.

Internet Wagering – most players actually prefer to use the Internet for their bets these days. It allows convenience, but also allows them to be more discreet. They can easily place wagers from their desktop or even from their smartphone if they are not at home. Think about it, do most players really want their wife or boss to hear how much they are wagering on a game?

Security – the biggest fear of most local bookies and gamblers is that they will end up being caught in a sting. With a price per head, the players have only a pin and password. Their identity is kept completely secret. They are truly anonymous, as only the bookie and the player know which pin belongs to which player.

More Sports and Wagering Options – every bookie has a player or two that like to bet on oddball sports or sports that are not quite as popular as football. For bookies still operating phones, does it really pay them to operate the phones for baseball or basketball action on nights when there is no football? Now, players can bet on any sport, any day, and it is covered in the weekly PPH fee.

The better PPH services, like Real Price Per Head, will also offer players outlets such as poker and casino action. This only makes the book more attractive to the average player and is a real selling point for the local bookie. Competition being what it is these days, you need every advantage and a PPH bookmaking service allows you to give the player what they demand.