The Latest Trend is Poker Coaching

It is of no doubt that poker has a very great popularity. It is a game that has been hosted almost everywhere, the poker nights, the poker dinner rooms, the casinos and the different online venues. It is a game that appeals to almost everyone from different ages and backgrounds. The popularity of poker is so high that there are many tournaments of it and even celebrity tournaments televised.

Poker coaching

There are a lot of books and many other resources which would help players to improve their game. The latest of the poker learning trend is coaching. The coaches of the different other sports do help players to hone their skills; this has led to poker players looking for coaches. Almost everyone has access to the internet and there are many online coaching websites available. Having access to the internet does make way for looking out for the most successful coaching programs.

The different coaching services

Poker coaches do offer services that would help people to turn into poker machines. You might be new to the game and would want to learn the game or you might be a professional and looking into honing your skills. The coaching does involve many more services

Poker mentoring

Poker mentoring is the process where you would be assigned to a particular coach who observes your play online. They will then assess your strengths and your different weaknesses. The coaching process would be based on these assessments. You will receive different assignments which you will have to complete. You would also be tested based on the material that you submit. If you are showing progression in learning Texas hold’em, you will be then assigned with additional lessons, which would be interactive videos. Your every decision would be recorded. You will then get the chance to discuss your decisions and questions with your mentor.

One on one with the coach

In one on one coaching you would be assigned with a coach mentor. This session would last for an hour, normally consisting of two coaching sessions. The coach watches and analyses your play. They also target the areas where you need the most help. They will also discuss the strategy and the theory.

Poker videos

Videos are the most popular when it comes to poker coaching methods. These videos can be streamed with great ease and the players who view these videos have shown improvement in their games. These videos do also help them to learn the different strategies and also hone their different approaches.

Hand history

The best way to get a feedback about your strategy would be to get a professional player review your every move. The professional player would then analyze the hand and give out the decision.

The cost

The cost of coaching differs by the service you choose. If you choose the entire coaching package, this can cost you from up to 20 dollars a month.

The best ways of learning poker and becoming a great money making machine would be to get help from the different coaches.

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